Jun 11, 2008


ZVA Creative ~ November 2012 till present (USA)
Petaloo International ~ August 2011 till present (USA)
Vilda Stamps ~ October 2010 till present (Sweden)
Bo Bunny ~ September 2010 till present (USA)
Swirlydoos ~ April 2009 till present (USA)
Clear Scraps (Educator) ~ October 2008 till present (USA)
Art Anthology ~ December 2012 till March 2014 (USA)
7 Dots Studio ~ November 2012 till December 2013 (Poland)
Blue Fern Studios ~ January 2013 till May 2013 (USA)
Dusty Attic ~ January 2011 till December 2012 (Australia)
Scrapbooking Supplies R Us ~ July 2009 till December 2012 (USA)
Shimmerz Paints (Educator) ~ April 2011 till October 2012 (USA)
Stamp Enjoy ~ May 2010 till Oct 2011 (France)
Tim Holtz.com ~ March 2009 till November 2010 (USA)
Scrapbook News and Reviews Magazine ~January 2008 till April 2010 (USA)
Pages In Time ~ May 2009 till April 2010 (USA)
Scrapbooks N Stickers ~ January 2008 till February 2010 (USA)
Queen Kat Designs (Stamps and Kit Designer) ~ December 2008 till December 2009 (USA)
Pandora Willow Tree ~ August 2008 till December 2008 (USA)
QueenScraps ~ August 2008 till March 2009 (USA)
Style's The Word ~ March 2008 till August 2008 (USA)
Scrap-N-Crop ~ 2007 (M'SIA)


Scrapbooking.com ~ (featured blog)

The Scrappy Gourmet (featured designer)
Roots Scrapbooking (featured designer)
Queen Kat Bloggers Club (featured designer)
Inspirational (featured designer)
Scrappin Kids ~ (guest designer) January 2008
Norsk Stempleblad AS ~ (guest designer) June 2008
Scrapping Inspirations ~ (featured designer) July 2008
Scrapbook Ideas ~ (featured designer) July 2008

My Acrylic Album ~ (guest designer) August 2008
Scrapstreet.com ~ (featured designer) August 2008
Living Memories ~ (featured designer) September 2008
Gypsy Rose Paperie ~ (featured designer) September 2008
Prima Marketing ~ (guest designer) October 2008
Purple Onion Designs ~ (guest designer)
Scrapmagie ~ (guest designer) February 2009
Craftowo ~ (featured designer) February 2009
Creative Cuts and More ~ (guest designer) April 2009
Mon Scrapbook.com ~ (guest designer) April 2009
Inspirational ~ (featured designer) April 2009
Art-Piaskownica.com ~ (featured designer) May 2009
A Kiss On the Chic ~ (guest designer) June 2009
Craftowo ~ (featured designer) June 2009
Life As Art ~ (featured designer) July 2009
Scrap It Lah ~ (guest designer) August 2009
Scrap in Japan ~ (guest designer) September 2009
Pencilines (featured designer) September 2009
Artugolok.com (honorary guest designer) December 2009
Far Flung Craft ~ (guest designer)
Creative Imaginations ~ (featured designer)
Accent Scrapbooking ~ (guest designer)
Skrotboken (Sweden) ~ (featured designer) May 2010
My Paper TreeHouse ~ (guest designer) June 2010
Layers of Color ~ (guest/sponsored designer)
Kay's Kreative Korner (USA) ~ sponsored designer
Cafe do Scrap ~ (featured designer) August 2010
Scrappin Patch (NZ) ~ (featured designer in Stars In Their Eyes Competition) September 2010
Sketchabilities ~ (Guest designer) September 2010
The Sampler ~ (Guest designer) September 2010
Aussie Scrap Source ~ (featured designer) October 2010
Webster's Pages (Inspire Me) ~ (featured designer via Banner Of The week) January 2011
Scrap Me!(Brazil) ~ (featured designer) February 2011
Pages In Time (USA) ~ (Inspirational Muse designer) April 2011
The Piece By Piece (USA) ~ Sponsored designer
Keeping The Best (Russia) ~ (guest designer) August 2011
UStamp With Dawn and Friends Paper Parade 2011 ~ (guest designer) September 2011
Scrapptorget (Sweden) ~ (guest designer) February 2012
Lucky 7 Factory (Canada) ~ (guest designer) March 2012
7 Dots Studio (Poland) ~ (guest designer) March/April 2012
Colourful Creations ~ (guest designer) April 2012
Crafting City Challenge ~ (featured designer) April 2012
Teresa Collins Designs (USA)~ (featured designer) April 2012
Scrap Mano (Belgium) ~ (featured designer) April 2012
Darkroom Door (Australia)~ (guest designer) May 2012
Funtoolas (USA) ~ (guest designer) August 2012
Darkroom Door (Australia) ~ (guest designer) November 2012
Authentique Paper (USA) ~ (guest designer) April 2013
Inkido (Sweden) ~ (special guest designer) October 2013 till December 2013



Scrapbook Workshop with Memory Makers ~ August 2011 launched
Scrap Fasciculos (Brazil) ~ 2011


Scrapideas ~ February 2011 launched
Master Class With Irene Tan ~ January 2012 launched
Secret Tools and Medium ~ January 2012 launched
Irene Tan Story ~ January 2012 launched

Print Magazine:

Ett Trykk (June 2008) (Norway)~ "Vintage" ATCs, "Inspire" layout, "Unconditional Love" layout, "Birthday Flower" card, "Cherish" card, "My Cute Valentine" layout, "Love" altered project.
Ett Trykk (August 2008) (Norway)~ "Vintage" ATCs (transparency), "Expression" ATCs (transparency).
Somerset Memories (Dec 2008/Jan 2009) (USA)~ "The Best and Most Beautiful Things" tag, "Because You're" layout.
Creating Keepsakes (Dec 2008) (USA)~ "Happy Holidays" card (Technique)
Creating Keepsakes (May 2009) (USA)~ "Celebrate" card (Technique)
Artful Blogging (Summer issue) (USA)~ featured blog
Somerset Memories (Autumn issue) (USA)~ "Inside" layout
Scrapbook Creations (Issue 74 Mar 2010) (Australia) ~ "Passage of Time" layout 
Scrapbooking m.m. (Mar/Apr 2010) (Sweden) ~ "Sweden" Mini album, "Creation" layout, "Art Create Inspire" altered hanging piece, "A Beautiful Friendship" layout, "My Boy" layout
Scrapbooking m.m. (May/June 2010) (Sweden) ~ "You and I" layout
Guia do Scrapbooking and Cia (June 2010) (Brazil)~ "Be My Angel" layout
Ad of Far Flung Craft in Scrapbook Retailer magazine ~ "Mom's Girl" layout
Passion Scrapbooking (October 2010) (France) ~ "The Open Air" mini album, "Just You And I" layout, "UR Special" layout, "Do Not Peek" altered door hanger, Altered Bird, "A Dreamer Boy" layout, "Butterfly" mini album.
Scrapbooking m.m. (Nov/Dec 2010) (Sweden) ~ "May Your Days Be..." layout, "Embrace Each Moment" layout, "Happy Holidays" altered angel.
Art Corner Magazine (Autumn issue 2010) (Russia) ~ "Friend" ATC, "Explore" ATC
Scrap-Info Magazine (Issue No. 1 2011) (Russia) ~ "Moscow" mini album, "Art Corner" mini album, "23 Weeks" layout, "Embrace Each Moment" layout
Scrap-Info Magazine (Issue No. 2 2011) (Russia) ~ "Little Photographer" mini album.
Scrap-Info Magazine (Issue No.3 2011) (Russia) ~ "Radiant" layout, "Rock Star" layout, "Tough Love" layout, "Dream" altered album cover.
Scrap-Info Magazine (Issue No.4 2011) (Russia) ~ "Family Blessings" layout
Scrap-Info Magazine (Issue No.5 2011) (Russia) ~ "Joy" layout, "Jingle Bells" tag
Scrap-Info Magazine (Issue No. 1 2012) (Russia) ~ "Enjoy The Moments That Makes You Smile" layout
Scrap-Info Magazine (Issue No. 2 2012) (Russia) ~ "Precious Moment" layout
Scrap-Info Magazine (Issue No. 3 2012) (Russa) ~ "Create" layout, "Celebrate" card
Scrap-Info Magazine (Issue No. 4 2012) (Russia) ~ "Little Miss" mini album
Scrap-Info Magazine (Issue No. 5 2012) (Russia) ~ "Merry" layout
Scrap-Info Magazine (Issue No. 1 2013) (Russia) ~ "Try" layout
Scrap-Info Magazine (Issue No. 2 2013) (Russia) ~ " My Heart Is Yours" layout
Scrap-Info Magazine (Issue No. 5 2013) (Russia) ~ "Dreaming of a White Christmas" layout

Scrap-Info Magazine (Issue No. 6 2013) (Russia) ~ "You Make Me Smile" layout


Scrapbook News and Reviews Magazine (April 2008) ~ "I'm Still Me" layout, "Cherish Love" card, "Love" card, "Happy Birthday" card, "Birthday" card, "Thank you" card, "Thank you" card, "Fun" layout, "Cherish" layout, "Future" layout, "Unconditional Love" layout.
Scrapbook News and Reviews Maagazine (May 2008) ~"Best Friend" card, "Thank You" card, "Blank" card, "Miracle" layout.
Scrapbook News and Review Magazine (June 2008) ~ "Birthday" card, "Transparency Bookmarks", "A Mother's Pride and Joy" layout, "My Family is Music to My Soul"layout.

Scrapbook News and Review Magazine (July 2008) ~ "Happy Birthday" card, "Wishes" card, "Just Me" layout, "My Fav Two Scrapping Techniques" layout, "Love My Dad" mini album.
Scrapstreet.com Magazine (August 2008) ~ "UR MY Sunshine" layout, "We're Lucky" layout, "Flavor Of Love" layout, "Boyish Girl" layout.
Scrapbook News and Reviews Magazine (August 2008) ~ "On Your Special Day" card, "A Day" layout, "How to Resist?" layout, "How to Be ME?" layout, "Cutie-licious" layout.
Scrapbook News and Reviews Magazine (September 2008) ~ "Thank You" card, "Enjoy" card, "Make A Wish" card, "Thoughts of You" card, "The Sweetest Moment" layout, "Your Charm" layout, "Close To You" layout, "Our Trip" mini album, "Faces of our Family" mini album, "Brighten" layout.
Scrapbook News and Reviews Magazine (October 2008) ~ "Cherish" card, "Best Friends" card, "Your Delicacy" layout, "Love Story" layout.
Scrapbook News and Reviews Magazine (Nov/Dec 2008) ~ "Clear Scraps Ornaments" altered project, "Angel Treasure Frame" altered project, "Thank You" card, "Joy of A Boy" mini album, "My Family My Home" layout, "The Warmest Wishes" card, "Our Wii" layout, "Heaven Sent You" layout.
Scrapbook News and Reviews Magazine (January 2009) ~ " Daddy Warms Our Heart" layout, "Joy" ATC, "Birthday" card, "Blossom" mini album, "Finland" mini album, "A Walk" layout, "I'm a Malaysian Scrapper" layout, "Chocolaty" layout.
Scrapbook News and Reviews Magazine (February 2009) ~ "I Miss You" card, "Celebrate" card, "True Friendship" layout, "Thinking Of you" layout.
Scrapbook News and Reviews Magazine (March 2009) ~ "Adventure" ATC, "Bliss" ATC, "Together" ATC, "Thanks" card, "You're My Friend Forever" card, "You're My Friend" card, "Greetings From My Heart" card, "Love" card, "XO" card, "The Unforgettable" layout.
Scrapbook News and Reviews Magazine (April 2009) ~ "Innocent" layout, "I Want to Be" layout, "You're in my Heart and Adventure" bookmark, "Bridal Shower" card, "Happy Mother's Day" card, "A Day To Remember" layout.
Scrapbook News and Reviews Magazine (May 2009) ~ "Enjoy Life" card, "Abundance" layout, "Remember You" card, "Friendship" layout, "My Mom" layout, "Cherish the Moment" layout.
Scrapbook News and Reviews Magazine (June 2009) ~ "You're My Best Bud" card, "Abundance" layout, "U" layout.
Scrapaholic (August 2009) (Israel e-zine) ~ featured designer
Scrapbook News and Reviews Magazine (July 2009) ~ "You're In My Heart" card, " A Special New Piece" card.
Scrapbook News and Reviews Magazine (Oct 2009)~ "Wishes" layout, "Happiness is..." card, "Hiro" layout, Altered Bird, "Sometimes" ATC, "Adventure" card, "Strength" ATC.
Scrapbook News and Reviews Magazine (Nov 2009)~ "Dare To Dream" card, "Faith" ATC, "My Little Darling" ATC.
Scrapstreet.com Magazine (July 2010)~ "Now" layout
Scrapstreet.com Magazine (January 2011)~"Irritated" layout
Creativite verte en ligne (March 2012) (Canada e-zine) ~ "Know Yourself" layout, "Sparkle" layout


Scrapbooking.com Magazine (November 2007)~ Masking in Layers
Scrapbooking.com Magazine (December 2007)~ Ornament Shaker Box
Scrapbooking.com Magazine (January 2008)~ Create a Twines Framed Photograph
Scrapbooking.com Magazine (January 2009)~ 2008 Review project, 1,2 Smile Layout, The PACS mini album
Scrapbook News and Reviews (January 2009) ~ Ways to use Magic Mesh, Masking using Masquepen, Inking In Layers using Crayons and Masquepen,
Scrapbook News and Reviews (February 2009) ~Distressing Bottle Caps, Distance Effect with Stamping, Picture Bracelet for your Minialbum.
Scrapbook News and Reviews (April 2009) ~ Creating a Moss Effect, Masking to Create a Frame, Ribbon Loops.
Scrapbooking m.m. (Mar/Apr 2010) (Sweden) ~ Photo transfer technique using packing tapes
Scrapbooking m.m. (May/June 2010) (Sweden) ~ Creating Multi Element Flower using Vellum and acrylic
Guia do Scrapbooking and Cia (June 2010) (Brazil)~ Embossing on photograph, Creating a dry crackled effect
Scrapbooking m.m. (November/December 2010) (Sweden) ~ Glittering Acrylic
Art Corner Magazine (Autumn issue 2010) (Russia) ~ Various ways of applying alcohol inks
Scrap-Info Magazine (Issue No. 5 2011) (Russia) ~ Altering an acrylic tag
Scrap-Info Magazine (Issue No. 1 2013) (Russia) ~ Creating an Icy Flower
Scraps-Info Magazine (Issue No. 2 2013) (Russia) ~ Creating a Wedding Flower
Scraps-Info Magazine (Issue No. 5 2013) (Russia) ~ Creating a Christmas Flower


Grand Prize winner of the Ranger/Tim Holtz Contest at Serendipity.com (June 2008)
Layout accepted into Basic Grey gallery ~Cutie-licious (July 2008)
Layout accepted into Basic Grey gallery ~ Your Delicacy (September 2008)
Weekly blog award from Scrapbooking.com (November 2008)
2010 Top Scrapbooking Blog Award from Award The Web.com and Online MBA (July 2010)
Layout accepted into Basic Grey gallery ~ Grow Old With Me, Love Blooms Tri-fold acrylic frame (February 2011)
Layout accepted into Basic Grey gallery ~ Social Butterfly (May 2011)


Scrap-N-Crop, KL, M'sia (December 2007)
The Paper and Co Show in Versailles, France (October 2008)

Preschool Education Committee, Penang, M'sia (April 2009)
Scrap-N-Crop, KL, M'sia (April 2009)
YWCA, Penang, M'sia (September 2009)
Artugolok, Moscow, Russia (October 2009)
Demo at Winter CHA 2010 and CHA Craft Supershow 2010 at Anaheim, CA, USA.(January 2010)
Memories Live On, San Jose, USA (January 2010)
Scrap-N-Crop, KL, M'sia (March 2010)
Made With Love, S'pore (June 2010)

HK Memory Chest, Hong Kong (December 2010)
Made With Love, Jakarta, Indonesia (June 2011)
Paperland, Surabaya, Indonesia (October 2011)
Osaka and Tokyo, Japan (November 2011)
Hobby Farm, Eeklo, Belgium (February 2012)
Pour L'amour du Scrap, Lille, France (February 2012)
Penang Institute, Penang, M'sia (April 2012)
Penang, M'sia (July 2012)